Executive Board


Jack Soslow


Current: Data-Science at Facebook

Past: Data-Science at Expedia, Product at Hotwire, Product at Paytronage

About me: I'm good at three things: Working with data, kicking footballs, and making bread pudding. 



Melissa Matalon


I’m Melissa Matalon, a senior in Wharton studying Statistics, Information Systems, Management, and Consumer Psychology. I am fascinated by the world of Data Science as it contributes to our ability to learn off of and predict human behavior, and I am excited to become a part of its continued growth as a practice particularly in the Media and Tech industries. I have worked in Business Intelligence at CBS Interactive, where I created an algorithm for advertisers to optimize towards their key performance indicators on sites including CNET, Gamespot, and TV Guide. I went on to work at Facebook under the Global Marketing Solutions Organization's Scaling Automation team, where I built tools to scale consumer insights cross-functional teams. I will be returning as a Technical Program Manager at Facebook full-time. In my free time, I am a film/TV fanatic (I have a theory that any full series can be binge-watched within two weeks, which I successfully proved for Breaking Bad, Dexter, and The Office), and I seek out travel as often as possible.



Eric Dong


I’m Eric Dong and I’m a junior in Penn Engineering studying Systems Science and Engineering. Last summer, I interned at Bluestone Capital Management where I was writing Python code to analyze financial data and create systematic trading algorithms. I joined WUDAC because I thought data analytics would be an interesting application of my engineering background and it was my best decision ever. I’ve realized data analytics is truly my calling and I find it to be such a cool way to view and understand the world. I will be doing plenty of analytics again this summer at Bridgewater Associates. When I’m not busy “doing” data analytics, I enjoy playing tennis and cooking up extravagant dishes.


Vivian Li





Head Shot - May 2018.jpg

Rachel Levin



I'm Rachel Levin, a sophomore in Wharton concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics and pursuing a minor in Math. I'm interested in how businesses across a broad spectrum of industries can harness data to drive optimal decision making. This summer I interned at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and used machine learning algorithms to detect insider trading. At Penn, I am also involved in Smart Woman Securities and the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and spending time with my twin sister.


Amanda Zhu


I'm Amanda Zhu, a junior in Wharton studying Marketing and Operations Management with a minor in Data Science. I joined WUDAC because I was interested to see how data is everywhere and why everyone was not using it until recently. I took what I learned through WUDAC and some of my classes to CHOP, where I helped with data integration for their Center for Autism Research. Recently, I interned at a marketing agency and worked with analytics for some of the client projects. I love weightlifting and watching reruns of The Office in my free time!

Thorne Headshot 5656.jpg

Thorne Lindsey


I'm Thorne Lindsey, a junior in Wharton studying Business Analytics and Marketing & Operations Management. I am fascinated by data and the stories it tells. Although I love all aspects of business, I have a particular interest in marketing and how we can use data to drive strategic decisions. This summer I interned with Paramount Pictures in the market intelligence department where I worked on forecasting new release home media sales. Besides data, I love hiking and watching random (but interesting) videos on YouTube. 




Wharton Analytics Fellows

Board Members:

  • Eric Dong

  • John Homans

  • Vivian Li

  • Melissa Matalon

  • Madhav Nandipati


Citi Ventures

  • Aidan Saavedra Buckley, Engagement Lead

  • Sheila Ho, Engagement Lead

  • Roshan Santhosh, Analyst

  • Mary Lin, Analyst

  • Ajay Vasisht, Analyst

  • Emma Lu, Analyst


  • Alfonso Palomero, Engagement Lead

  • Laura Yu, Engagement Lead

  • Jiadi Xiong, Analyst

  • Andrew Castle, Analyst

  • Jason Liebmann, Analyst

  • Liam Huebner, Analyst

Reed Smith

  • Linda (Xinyue) Ye, Engagement Lead

  • Yifan Chen, Engagement Lead

  • Andrew Zhao, Analyst

  • Sarah Dreyfuss, Analyst

  • Pranab Krishnan, Analyst

  • Zetong Jia, Analyst

Barnes Foundation

  • Huilong Han, Engagement Lead

  • Anuj Gupta, Engagement Lead

  • Karen Chi, Analyst

  • Catherine Bache, Analyst

  • Kai Lu, Analyst

  • Siddharth Jaiswal, Analyst

Events Committee

Events Chair:

Rachel Levin

Committee Members:

  • Robin Tan

  • Vivian Chiang

  • Tiffany Moi

Marketing Committee

Marketing Chair:

Thorne Lindsey

Committee Members:

  • Adam Vukosa

  • Joy Xiong

  • Phoebe Weiser

  • Sarah Zhou

  • Marisa Yang

  • Shaya Zarkesh


Education Chair:

Vivian Li

Committee Members:

  • Harrison Beard

  • Saleel Huprikar

  • Karthik Tadepalli

  • Maxwell Roling

  • Priyansh Sharma



  • Zehua (Charlotte) Yang, Engagement Lead

  • Jiaxi Zhu, Engagement Lead

  • Youjia Li, Analyst

  • Thorne Lindsey, Analyst

  • Sophie Trotto, Analyst

  • Dhaval Vaghjiani, Analyst


  • Jaye Chen, Engagement Lead

  • Kelly Herring, Engagement Lead

  • Mingyang Li, Analyst

  • Anirudh Bikmal, Analyst

  • David Heffernan, Analyst

  • Brook Jiang, Analyst

Hachette Book Group

  • Rishi Dutta, Engagement Lead

  • Huy Le, Engagement Lead

  • Xuan Cao, Analyst

  • Margaret Zheng, Analyst

  • Zhangyi Fan, Analyst

  • Simone Liao, Analyst